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Zimtile manufactures concrete products that can be put into four basic categories – roofing tiles, pavers, bricks and accessories.

Our core business lies in the development, production and distribution of high-quality, affordable roofing products. We have a capacity of producing over 65,000 tiles daily and are a leading provider of concrete tiles, pavers, bricks and building accessories.

Our products service the Zimbabwean market, as well as Southern Africa. Concrete roofing tiles are the preferred materials on account of their aesthetic appeal, long life span and reliability.

Choose from an industry leading selection of roofing tile profiles and colours.

Zimtile roofing products offer the industry's leading selection of concrete roof tiles, colors, profiles and finishes for both re-roof and new construction. We also offer accessories designed to work together as a completely integrated roofing system. Customers benefit from our advanced roofing techniques as well as our expertise in installation of all products.

Zimtile products are tested for durability, resistance to fire, hail and seismic activity as per industry standards. Home owners can be assured that a quality roof constructed by Zimtile will protect their home for decades.